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Fully automatic twisting type stranding machine, mainly used for stranding of multiple strands of copper wire, and changing the pitch to a pair of gears.

a) Maximum size of the reel (diameter × total length) (mm): φ500 × 320;

b) The maximum cross section of the stranded copper wire: 2mm²;

c) stranded copper wire diameter range (mm): 0.08 ~ 0.32;

d) the range of the lay length (mm): 5.34 ~ 40.02;

e) stranding direction: "S" (left helix) or "Z" (right helix);

f) skein speed (r/min): 0 ~ 3000, stepless adjustable;

g) hinge material: spring steel strip;

h) the height of the main shaft from the ground (mm): 585;

i) machine dimensions (length × width × height) (mm): 2775x1280x1535;

Machine body size (length × width × height) (mm): 2110x1020x1075

j) Machine net weight (kg): 2100

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