The actual speed is measured by the strobe

1.SNJ500B high speed wire stranding machine, theoretical speed of bow stranding is 3000 RPM, actual load speed can reach 2800 RPM; The maximum outlet speed of the equipment (the skein distance is 19.0mm) is: copper enameled wire: 5200 meters/h -- 5,500 meters/h; Enameled aluminum wire: 4500 m/h -- --5200 m/h, about 2000 m/h higher than similar equipment.




Vibration tester is used to measure the vibration

2. Vibration index of winder is less than or equal to 20 microns under normal working conditions; In the industry standard advanced level.


Decibel meter measurement

3. Under normal working conditions, the noise of the stranding machine is less than or equal to 85db, which is at the advanced level of the same industry.



Actual measurement by temperature tester

4. Stranding machine under the normal work, the casing spindle temperature tests, temperature of 42 ℃ or less, in the same industry advanced level.